Petitioning the State Of Georgia - Solar Energy in Georgia

Source: Think Reel Green

The State of Georgia is advantaged by the recognition of Georgia Solar Utilities, Inc. (GaSU) as a NEW solar utility. GaSU's innovative business structure was created specifically to lower future energy bills (downward pressure) while maintainIng GA Power's profitability and protecting theirs and GaSU's shareholders, equitably. GaSU does this while lowering Georgia's dependence on fossil-fuels, delivering $7B (billion) in new Georgia investments resulting in NEW jobs, increasing Fed/State/Local revenues, aiding in the development of over 20,000 acres land/roof space across Georgia via RFP's offering preferred status to the solar industries/companies in Georgia, creating significant environmental attributes to mitigate future "compliance" fees (a.k.a. carbon and environmental taxes) and simply acting in the best interests of Georgia's future and ratepayers.
This opportunity exists because technology, geography, marketplace-conditions and modern-day wisdom have converged. The recognition of GaSU gives Georgia's elected officials a genuine opportunity to implement a "home-grown" solution that directly solves Georgia's significant solar energy shortfalls while aiding in Georgia's economic recovery NOW. GaSU is a bipartisan (multi-partisan) solution that brings progressives, conservatives, tea parties, coffee parties, liberals and libertarians together under an umbrella of common interests by supporting a freer market, reducing carbon emissions and AVOIDING the need for future carbon-taxes or a Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) in Georgia.
GaSU's 2GW (simply 4% of GA Power's annual energy sales!!!) analysis creates approximately $15B (billion) in ratepayer reductions over 40 years and increasingly larger reductions in the next 40 years.
Three things cannot long be hidden: the Sun, the Moon, and the Truth.....GaSU uses two of these to shed a light on Georgia's energy future.