Solar Farm Planned Near Milledgeville


By Lisa George


A new Georgia company wants to build a 2,200-acre solar farm outside Milledgeville.


Georgia Solar Utilities recently brought its plan to the state Public Service Commission (PSC).


According to the company’s CEO, Robert Green, as soon as it’s up and running, the solar farm could generate up to one-half percent of the power Georgians use.  “We will have the same power that we have right now, the same reliability that we have right now, but it will come at a significantly less cost,” said Green.


Green says his company has assurances for financial backing for the $300 million project in Putnam County.


But there’s at least one major hurdle before construction can begin: a state law called the Territorial Electric Service Act. In essence, the Act prohibits another utility from selling power to Georgia Power’s customers.


Green is counting on the PSC to help, and it appears at least one commissioner is already on board: Lauren "Bubba" McDonald.


“I think there’s a place for solar power,” said McDonald. “It will be an issue, and if the proper word is tweaking the territory rights act, if the Public Service Commission has a role in that, I think we should address it or will address it.”


Georgia Solar Utilities says, once ground is broken, the solar farm could be up and running within a year.


In response to an email, Georgia Power says it examined an earlier, similar proposal from Georgia Solar Utilities and declined to participate because it felt the project would raise rates.