GSEA Applauds the Georgia Public Service Commission for Its Investigation Into Solar Development Proposal


The Georgia Solar Energy Association supports the Georgia Public Service Commission’s move to review the proposal for a $320 million solar installation near Milledgeville announced Thursday, Aug. 30.


Georgia Solar Utilities Inc. has stated the project would create hundreds of living wage jobs for Georgia workers. Additionally, any solar project assists in diversifying the state’s energy portfolio, improving our air quality and putting Georgia on a path to realizing its widely acknowledged solar energy potential. Georgia Solar Utilities is

proposing to build a 90-megawatt solar project on 2,200 acres in Baldwin County near Georgia Power’s coal-fired Plant Branch. If approved and completed, the development could produce enough energy to power 45,000 homes.


GSEA Executive Director Jessica Moore attended the meeting where the proposal was announced and will be following the PSC’s deliberations. “As technology advances, energy costs rise and air quality concerns grip Georgia

residents, we at GSEA welcome the innovative thought of a utility in Georgia focused on solar energy,” Moore said. “That focus will show how solar can produce jobs, increase state revenues and provide a powerful tool for delivering the sun’s potential for keeping rising energy rates in check.”


Moore also praised the wisdom of the PSC commissioners in bringing this proposal to its expert staff for careful review and public deliberation, which will ensure a thorough understanding of its impact. “We believe their careful consideration will assist in the continuing effors to increase solar in Georgia’s energy portfolio,” Moore said.