The Face of Climate Change in America


How is climate change affecting the United States right now? What about the part of the country where you live? These questions are now a lot easier to answer with the release of a major new draft report: The National Climate Assessment.

As we pointed out a few days ago, this report is a very big deal. It comes out every four years, and is the most comprehensive report on climate change in the United States. It not only tells us what scientists project for the future, but also how climate change is affecting the nation right now.

Here’s what we know: Climate change is already part of our lives. Some kinds of extreme weather are on the rise, including heat waves, heavy downpours, and in some regions, coastal floods and droughts. There is increasing evidence that some of these events are linked to man-made climate change. The impacts of climate disruption threaten our health, damage our infrastructure, and put the security of our food and water supplies at risk.

But that’s not all. The National Climate Assessment breaks down the impacts of climate change by region, so you can get the details on what’s happening in your part of the country. That’s incredibly valuable information to have — especially as we call on our mayors, governors, and community leaders to prepare for the impacts of climate change and reduce pollution for the future.

Since the report is only a draft, now’s your chance to get involved. You can submit a comment by visiting their website. We hope and expect this report will begin a national conversation about climate change.

Please take a moment to look at the report, share it with your friends, and watch this page for more information on climate change impacts across the country.