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The GA PSC has stated, "Technology and the market have brought us a remarkable turn of events and one that the Commission should explore immediately. Solar prices today give GA an outstanding opportunity to supplement our fossil and nuclear power sources while creating good jobs and immediately assist in GA's recovery.” 


Subsequent to significant negotiations for solar farms by the principals of GaSU, it was found that GA Power’s business plans, statutory requirements and legal environment prevents them from acting in the best interests of ratepayers in deploying solar technology. We found GA ratepayers are bound into a monopoly which claims it is unable to take advantage of solar energy as an optimal part of our energy generation portfolio. Hence the ratepayers are locked into long term fuel contracts for finite supplies of coal, natural gas and uranium along with the fuels' inherent volatility. GA ratepayers need the advantage of a proven technology as a part of our energy generation that has no fuel costs or volatility.



The solution is the formation of a commercial entity whose sole purpose is to generate electricity through the deployment of a solar technologies. This will be done in a way that does not damage the base load requirements while insuring ratepayer interests are protected.


Technology has delivered the ability to obtain cheap energy without fuel costs and without the negative environmental externalities of coal, natural gas and nuclear power. The value to ratepayers to take advantage of this fact is calculated herein. Since GA Power’s constraints prevent them from taking advantage of this turn of events, then it is the responsibility of the GA PSC and all of our elected officials to act in the best interests of rate-payers.


Advantages of Solar PV from GaSU



It is unacceptable that a proven technology that can deliver so much value to the ratepayers, state coffers and business has not been deployed in a state with such an abundance of solar resources. There is a clear method for the citizens of GA to take advantage of our solar opportunity. That is to recognize a solar utility company, GaSU, independent of GA Power, whose sole mission is to optimize our existing electric grid to accept the solar resources and capture its benefits.


GaSU and its principals are committed to clean energy production that does not burn anything to produce power. GA Power’s need to burn fossil-fuels and nuclear materials will be extended and protected due to the mixing of solar.


If this country follows our example, it will result in a significant expansion of the time frame we have abundant coal, natural gas and nuclear resources available. Responsible use of these finite supplies delivers future generations energy security.